Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It goes well...

So I've been lucky so far. Had a chance to do two small five-minute Stand-up bits as part of an opening monologue before the Black Fish shows I've hosted.

The first time went okay. Did some stuff about how I'm skinny and how skinny people don't get any respect and got some good laughs from the audience. But that material wasn't risky as such as I've been doing the same jokes for the last few years with friends and I know they worked.

The second time out was all new material. Three proper bits, that I had carefully crafted and worked on and delivered in front of the mirror repeatedly. The first proper Stand-up stuff I have ever done. Topical and observational. I almost threw up before going on. Got up to the mike, really nervous. Got the usual greetings out of the way. Then just launched into it. And the stuff killed. The audience loved it. Got huge laughs at all the right times. Best of all Black Fish laughed. I turned around at one point to see Yasser, Ishma, Cyrus, Faris and Olson, all in hysterics. I was stunned. Didn't expect the stuff to go so well. Honestly. It was a huge confidence booster. Especially when a kid in the front row at one point actually yelled out, "That's so true!"
There is no greater and kinder praise for an Observational Comedian.

Had some down-time between Improv shows recently so been working up new material. All told have around half-an-hour written up. 10 minutes of which have been tested and approved. The rest I'll try out this Saturday at the charity gig we are playing.

The nervous rumbling in my stomach has already started.


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