Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Party Favours...

So this bit was alright. Nothing great. Got the idea for it at a party the night before my show and spent the entire time at there paranoid I’d forget it by the time I got home. The only notable aspect of this is when I go into a NatGeo commentators voice to describe the party-goers. Took that from the Improv game “Changing Channels” in which I’ve gotten stuck with “Animal Planet” as an audience suggestion a fair amount of times now.

I love going to parties. It is like a National Geographic Safari Special for free.
Imitating Nat Geo commentator: Here we see the commonly found “Awkwardus Dancerus”. His wild flapping gesticulation is aimed at attracting the female of the species. When these maneuvers fail he always goes into panic-control mode with the tried and tested “bhangra move”.

Then there are the flocks of socialites. You know who they are. They migrate from party to party and they all have names like “Tootoo, Peeki and Coocoo”. Who are they anyway? You see them in every Social Pages. “Here are Tootoo, Peeki and Coocoo hanging out with Antonio, the hot Italian chef from the Italian Embassy”. Are we so desperate that we can only hang out with the foreigners working class?

My favorites are the old men in the corner though. They always stand along the walls, drinks in their hands. They watch every girl go by with that look in their eye that says, “Ten years ago I could have had her.” But if you cut to ten years before they were standing there going “Ten years from now I’ll have her.”

The main problem with this bit is that I don’t take it far enough I feel. There is so much more that can be done on the topic but ever since I decided on doing a bit on the Party-scene I’ve been running blank after these initial jokes. Oh well. Gotta keep thinking. The part that got the biggest laugh though was the stuff about the Socialites.


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