Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Thursday morning and am at work for a meeting that no one else bothered to turn up for. It's too early for this. Excuse me while I go splash some coffee on my face.


Okay, much better. A bit more wideawake right now. The Islamabad shows are in two days and I am feeling alot better. More confident. Which when said aloud like this makes me less confident. And so on. At least I've stopped dreaming I am performing in front of Jerry Seinfeld, Mitch Hedberg, George Carlin and Bill Cosby while completely naked. Me being naked. Not them. I have no interest in seeing any of those gentlemen naked.

Envy my wife. She is Melbourne and can attend the Melbourne Comedy Festival there. And she already has tickets to go see Demitri Martin! 

Some people have all the luck.


Blogger Abbas Halai said...

glad you enjoyed the aristocrats. i'm surprised it took you so long to get to it.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Abbas Halai said...

i think the allah made me funny video is also on youtube if you search for azhar usman, you should be able to find it.

8:18 AM  

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