Monday, March 06, 2006


I still can't access Blogs directly (using 
Howvere, if you can see this and are in Karachi on the 11th: 

I will be performing at the TCF ilmathon on the 11th of March with two bands- 'Drift' and 'The Auntie Disco Project' and spectacular comedian Saad Haroon. Tickets will be avaliable through The Citizens Foundation and the show will be at 7pm in the evening.  The venue will be the parking lot of Area 51.  The show will start at 7pm sharp.


Blogger Ahsan said...

hey man... just wondering, is your act part of the Ilmathon thing or the 'Manic mela' thing at Area 51.... the TCF website doesnt quite clarify that....

4:00 AM  

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