Friday, March 10, 2006


Busy busy busy.

Two days ago was the Black Fish corporate performance for Microsoft which went better than we thought it would.
Yesterday the issue of Spyder magazine came out with the first of a series of funny-side-of-technology articles I am writing for them. So grab that if you see it anywhere. Just Rs.50.
Today is the TCF stand-up performance by Saad and I at Area 51. Half an hour each. And I haven't rehearsed at all so there more than a hint of panic in me right now.
Tomorrow (Sunday) is the public Black Fish show. Details at Should be fun as we are doing both short form and long form games. And debuting some new games we invented.
Next week sometime Telenor announces Black Fish as their Pakistani brand ambassadors.
18th and 19th Black Fish is performing in Lahore and Islamabad for the British Council.
Weekend after that is probably going to kicki of my Lahore Islamabad stand-up comedy tour. Details as soon as I have them.

Oh, and in between there somewhere is my day job. Which still hasn't paid me my monthly salary. Or given me my car. Or the cell phone they promised. Or the petrol I am owed.

Which makes me wonder why I rely on my day job for regular income when I am earning the same amount from comedy. And the money ends up being more regular.

I knwo you guys don't come to hear me bitching and moaning though, so here is some comedy. Peformed this bit at the last Open-Mic. Went over well. Stylistically different for me. I tend to write long rambling bits and these ended up becoming short two line jokes. It was fun working out the best way to deliver these:



I wear you may have noticed by now. I'm used to them, have worn them since
3rd grade. Yes I did get beat up alot, thank you for asking. 

People always get shocked when they ask me my number. The average spectacle wearers number is around 1.25 to 2.3. I just made up that statistic but it sounds about right. When people ask me I always tell them my number is -10.25. They always freak out:
"How do you see?"
"With glasses," I reply. 

People usually ask to put them on. They put them on and ask how they're looking. 
"How do I look?"
"I'd tell you but I'm blind now!"

Some people test me. They make me take off my glasses and ask me to count how many fingers they are holding up. Then they keep changing the number. Those people are dicks. Do they play "I spy with my little eye..." with a blind person. Got up to a guy in a wheel chair and challenge him to a game of football.



Blogger Khizzy said...

im betting on them waiting for ur probation period to be over.

but now that ur confrimed, and i dont get ur desk...maybe things will look up...or atleast u can demand with more self-assurance!

7:46 AM  

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