Sunday, March 12, 2006


So that was an unmitigated disaster. 

Saturday evening I get to the TCF event to perform half an hour of stand-up with Saad. We had been told it would be 300 people and an all-ages audience.

It was, actually, three dozen 7 year olds. The entire audience was composed entirely of children. Sweet children, who were polite and obliging. But children nonetheless.

In mad panic Saad and I scrapped all our chosen material and decided on new stuff that would cater to this new audience base. Saad did fine actually. He did his song numbers and every kid was laughing 'cause he got words to rhyme. Oh and he slipped up and said "bastard". 

Straight up observational humor didn't go over as well. One kid laughed at my jokes, and I think it's because she thought I was funny looking. 

I resorted to making up jokes like, "my nose is this big because I use it to balance. Like a brontosauros' tail."

I then went home and wept. Or atleast drowned my sorrows in a thimble-full of Magic Corn.


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