Friday, January 27, 2006


Brian Adams tomorrow.

I can't believe I'm going. What's worse is that I am actually excited.

I think it is the morbid part of my personality that enjoys trauma (the same aspect that convinced me to watch HASH videos on IM) that is making me do this.

Prediction: Shehzad Roy will sing 2 songs. Realize he can't shut up with just 2 and go on to sing 6 more. Adams will come on and half-way through "Summer of 69" will either be hit over a head by a bottle or catch the eye of some Feudal's son who will kidnap him and whisk him away to Balochi or Sindhi lands for a week of buggery.

Shehzad Roy will take this opportunity to return and sing 6 more songs, this time all of them Brian Adam's.

The religious fundamentalist segment will sneak a terrorist into the concert who will blow himself up, albeit close to the gate where the only damage will be to the finely-manicured grass and perhaps causing terminal deafness in security guards.

The Canadian Govt. will demand an apology. Instead, President Musharraf will combine his two favorite topics and just go ahead and start raping journalists while using Canadian Passports as a condom.

War shall ensue.

India will take this opportunity to nuke Pakistan.

Two years from now, when the nuclear radiation that has infused the land has diminished to tolerable levels, U2 will come and perform a concert for the refugees huddled in tents made of EVERYBODY WANTA QUANTA? billboard skins.

At least we get Bono.

Or not. Either way, should be fun.


Blogger Abbas Halai said...

jeez bro. i feel your pain. good luck with that.

7:30 AM  
Blogger insiya said...

Ha! So much for under-rating Karachi and it's people.

Now I hope you'd make a post on what it was really like.

My heart, mind, body and soul feels proud of being able to call myself a Karachiite. We did us proud! :)

12:07 AM  

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