Sunday, December 04, 2005


It's 2 in the morning and I'm sipping a can of brain-juice (Red Bull for the uninitiated). Dire Straits piping through the laptop speakers and everyone in the house is asleep.

As good a time as any to revive the old blogging habit.

Havn't updated this thing in a while. No excuse, other than life got in the way.

Things have been fun since the show. Got tons of great feedback. TONS. People really loved it.

I got the DVD finally. Got it done at LaRaib. But it needs some editing as the intro is missing and one joke in the middle is a bit lost. Plus some color-correction stuff. Will run it through some video-editing stuff later. Then...not sure really. Been thinking of havin it uploaded to the Worldcall server for free downloads but some stuff has happened recently which makes me unsure. More on that in a bit.

Havn't written much Stand-up in a while. Brain just said fuck-off and took a vacation. But it is the nice kind of exhaustion. For the first time in, well...forever, I feel like I have done something worth being proud of. No harm in relaxing a bit. In the meantime, I quit my day-job and took some time off before starting the new job I've signed up for. Same mind-numbing soul-crushing industry, just a shit-load more money and privileges. It's easier to sell out when the sale-price is high.

Some good news: In talks with a sponsor (the only one I respect in the media landscape) that is offering to take my solo show to Lahore and Islamabad to perform in colleges there. Looking at a March/April timeline. Tentatively considering LUMS and LSE in Lahore. More as it develops. Excited becaused it gives me a slightly wider audience base and I get to go through the material again.

Comedians in New York and L.A. and even England have it good. They can write 20 minutes of material and perform it to a new audience almost every night for a year if they want. In Karachi it is the same 250 people that will come to every comedy/theatre performance. One show and you are done. No re-runs. So the Lahore-Islamabad gigs could be good to get some more mileage out of the material. More details as they come.

Finally wrote something new. Quite like it. Came out of my head tonight after ages. Nothing fantastic but it is good to write some new comedy. Saving it for Saad's next Open-Mic.

It's cold for a Karachi night. Chill air making the room alot smaller. The Red Bull is kicking in and I feel sleep cursing me as it is shoved away.

Time to start writing again.


Blogger atrophying said...

sami, no one's going to make an x rated video, although what fantastic publicity it would be! stand up down pants. anyhoo, use premiere for editing, but if you're using a mac, use final cut pro.

1:39 AM  

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