Friday, February 10, 2006


Spent the Ashura holidays tinkering with the computer at home. Nothing more geek-satisfying than watching your laptop and your computer interface while backing things up on your iPod. Ahhhh.

Wanted to expand on some of the topics I thought of for Stand-Up but realized I had left the notes on my computer at work. So backing them up here in case I need them remotely. Which was kind of why I had started this blog actually.

Finalizing the Pakistan Tour deal today. Details in the evening hopefully.

These are raw notes as they came to me. Some will be expanded upon succesfully and some will end up being chucked. Either way, this is how a routine starts for me. Now I need to let these swill around in my head for a few days until the just kind of flesh themselves out and the structures fall into place.


Sami wuz ‘ere
“Miss, can I go to the bathroom”
“Do you forget to wear your clothes in the morning?”

People holding up fingers and asking me to count them.
Do you run around someone in a wheelchair and gloat as well?
Nobody tough ever wears glasses. You can’t start a fight by pushing your glasses higher up on your nose.
People love trying on other peoples glasses. “Hey can I try those on? How do I look?” I can’t tell you because I’m blind now.

I hate work, but not because of the whole job-fulfillment thing. I’m just lazy. Getting up in the morning! Work till evening! Forget putting food on the plate, I’ll eat it off the floor.

I hate working out because I’m so lazy. The whole counting your reps thing exhausts me. Just counting is boring. So I add visuals. I started counting sleep. Fell asleep on the bench-press.

People who read the book first are always so condescending when it comes to the movie.

I negotiate with myself in bed about getting up.

Whenever I hear the alarm in the morning I try to convince myself I can get used to it. BEEP BEEP BEEP. That’s okay, I am in a techno-club.

You ever dream about a fight with someone and then wake up angry at them?


Blogger Bina said...

Great show tonight. My first time at blackfish and I enjoyed it immensely. Well done!

(The girl who said sarcasm for an "ism")

9:14 AM  

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