Saturday, April 15, 2006


I am almost euphoric. It's been a good bunch of days comedy-writing-wise.

I think it's because of the two shows in Islamabad followed by Saad telling me about the next Open-Mic happening in two weeks. Plus got one more show in Lahore to do.

I love when this happens. Everything gives me material to write about. My brain starts humming with electricity. This node connects to that synapse which kicks that lobe into hyperdrive. Next thing I know I am possessed by Dionysus and Bacchus and Loki and it's 3:00 a.m. and I have done WRITING.

I am dangerous at these times. My mind is so powerful it works like a magnet, wiping clean hard disks. I can impregnate nuns with but a stare. The keyboard is reinforced with titanium - so hard do I bludgeon the keys with mine fingers.

I am writing. Comedy. Beware.

In other news: My wife got me a Demitri Martin Autograph after attending his show in Melbourne. Excuse me while I squeal like a teenage girl who has just been glanced at flirtatiously by a singer from West Life.


Blogger Fahad said...

Han Bhai Sami, whats going on? Saw you on Fuzon's music video and hearing good things about your work these days, making all of us a proud wahoo :-P Am living with your former roommate, mela shaukat these days. Do tell us when you intend to come to NYC for your performance.
~Fahad Qureshi

6:00 PM  

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