Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Been basking in the warm glow of the Sunday Islamabad show. I finally have complete faith in the material. Now I can focus on being insecure about the newer stuff that is still untested.

Got an idea for some stuff yesterday which is good, but it isn't new material. I seem to be finding stuff I wrote for other purporses alot recently. Just edit and repackage and it works as Stand-Up.
One is an article I wrote for Spyder Magazine and the other is a testimonial I wrote for a friend on Orkut (shut up).

Yes, I know this is all scintillating stuff.

Yesterday was the Nishtar Park explosion. Typical Karachi event. People get together to pray, some fuckwit blows himself to bits killing lots of innocents. Then a mob starts rioting. Wondering about the thought process behind the rioting mobs. This seems to be a phenomenon local to us. In London after the 7/7 bombing people were helpign out and being all samaritan-esque. Here, every time something goes wrong, a mob appears and starts burning and pillaging. It's like some specialist mob that is hired for these events. They are all on rapid deployment. And once the destruction is done they melt into the night. Ninja rioters.

Maybe they are trained by the same people who train Bus Drivers. Everytime there is a bus accident the driver disappears. It's like they have special stealth powers. If your bus driver is wearing sneakers and an urban camoflauge outfit, beware.

Tonight on the way back home from Black Fish rehearsals, got stuck in a traffic jam for 45 minutes because the Prime Minister was passing by. Started imagining a scenario where everyone starts forming a primitive society in the traffic jam. Maybe the different vehicles become different clans. Motorcyclists in one clan, cars in another. Truck Drivers in third. We all start competing for food and other resources. A road-kill cat whose been stretched paper thin on the tarmac becomes the Totem Animal God that we worship. Then, just before we are all saved, we kill the fat kid.

If you haven't read Lord of the Flies ignore the above bit.

I need to start getting out again.


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