Monday, July 31, 2006


Proof that I don't just draw naked women all the time. Sometimes I draw half-naked decripit old men.

Did this while watching clouds recycle water molecules onto the street. Drops caught in the wire-mesh stretched across my window forming tiny transparent pixels against the fractal pattern of the sky behind them.

And just so you don't start thinking I've given up the comedy thing altogether, here's a new bit written yesterday. Less funny, more angry. Based on a chance meeting with someone who got away with killing someone while driving drunk and how said person is accepted back into polite society with nary a upraised eyebrow. Thus the venom.


You just drove your car through a van full of disabled children? And you got off scott-free because your dad encourages his employees to swallow condoms full of cocaine while taking long-distance flights to help finance his industrial empire and your mom is the designated jizz jar for half the political elite in the country? Come on over! It’s a theme night!



Blogger Massey said...

condoms full of coccaine?

well that kinda made me smile ?

2:10 PM  
Blogger s said...

"designated jizz jar"...nice. i'm definitely going to borrow that one, when i need to insult some chick. now if only you could give me the equivalent for a man.

oh and you should've shot that person who got away with running over someone. or give me the address and i'll run him over (while drunk, of course).

5:37 AM  

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