Friday, September 09, 2005

Tiiiime is on my side...yes it is!

The biggest problem I'm encountering with writing right now is finding the time. Between the day-job, Black Fish, married life and other day-to-day stuff I am really struggling for time. I come up with material and then can't get around to transcribing/editing it until two to three days later. Throw an brand new Xbox into the mix and you can start to see how problematic this can be.

*sigh* If only I could do this full-time. I envy New York based comedians with their hundreds of performance spaces and chances to get represented and make a career out of stand-up.

Heard something interesting today, apparently some guys are doing a Stand-up show at the P.A.C.C. on the 18th. Will definetely go to check this out. Kinda got mixed feelings about it though. On one hand I'm glad more people are attempting it and getting it known and creating an audience base for it. On the other hand I was really keen on being the first. Everyone in Pakistan is eager to label anyone a copycat and the last thing I want it to seem like is that I got the idea from them. Especially since I was considering P.A.C.C. as well.

Hmmm...lets see how it pans out.

Looking at the second week of November, as soon as Eid ends. Need to figure out how to market it and whatnot. I hate dealing with logistics.


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