Sunday, February 26, 2006


Spent all of yesterday trying to flesh out some material. I had topics, I even knew what some of the punchlines would be. Just couldn't work the language in the build-up portions. 

Took a bunch of different directions and ended up deleting them all. Then I had a panic attack about having writers block. Had a block like this before when I used to write short stories in college and so tried stuff that worked then, but had no success:

1) Can of Red Bull. Effect: Nothing.
2) Long walk. Effect: Carbon Monoxide     Poisoning.
3) Shower. Effect: Shampoo in eyes. Searing pain.
4) Distractions. Effect: Watched entire Season 4 of Justice League Cartoon. 

Finally resigned myself to calling Saad in the morning and withdrawing from Open Mic. 

Then on the way to work this morning it all fell into place. Ran to my desk and typed everything out. Not my best material but should work. Now to memorize, which requires avoiding work for most of the day.

See you at the Open Mic. Details on


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