Monday, May 08, 2006


Just got back from doing some Black Fish shows in Lahore. One of them was at the Lahore University of Management Sciences to an audience of almost a 1000 PEOPLE!!!

Prior to this our largest audience had been 400 people. This was nuts. People hanging off balconies and whatnot. And it was a solid show. One of our best ever. Insane.

Definetely want to do some Stand-up in Lahore. Am working towards setting it up right now.

Been listening to alot of Ellen Degeneres stuff recently. What an exceptional joke-writer. I mean seriously. I am hard pressed to think of anyone who crafts their material as effectively as her. The structure of the jokes is easy enough:

Establish topic. Start changing elements of story while telling it. Have bizarre twist half-way through. Push story into surrealist area. Tie it up neatly by bringing it back to normal. All done in a matter-of-fact tone.

But the actual content is so fantastic. Even if you know the technique, the things she does with her jokes is just stunning. really fantastic writing. 

Been thinking alot about my own style. For the "Nobody Moves, Nobody Gets Hurt" solo-show my material was very simple. Straight-forward Observational style. In terms of delivery I was definetely channelling Seinfeld. The structure had a simple beat and rhythm, no matter how lengthy the bit was.

That has started changing. The newer bits are less tightly structured. They seem more stream-of-consciouness although they are just as tightly scripted as the earlier material. And the directions I take a topic in seem more absurd or atleast challenging than before. Now I can't bear some of the stuff I was proud of writing once. Older bits seem trivial and obvious.

So style develops. I know that. Still, it's interesting to see it happening. Just hope it doesn't go off into territory that stops it being funny.


Blogger moizza said...

Was a good show but but but you should have warned us that people at the back would get more chances to interact than people in the front and we would have come in late.

4:26 AM  

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