Monday, May 29, 2006


I have forgotten what sleep feels like.

Between the office beating me into a pulp and then Black Fish shows turning that pulp to paste I have been quite exhausted. And any and all free time has gone into watching Season 5 and 6 of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. Such great comedy writing. Between this and everything Ricky Gervais has done for Brit comedy I have found my Safa and Marwa of TV comedy (ten points to anyone who got the Abrahamic reference there).

The Lahore standup shows doen't seem likely anytime soon. Off to India on a work project for a few days then hopefully flying to Melbourne for a few weeks to spend time with my wife. Maybe after I get back.

Got ideas for new material but most of it is so far past the line of what's allowable here that performing it is just not an option. Freedom of Speech is well and good unless it's you being chased down the street by a mob of raging Mullahs.

Speaking of whom: Saturday was a pointless strike. Karachi ordered to shut down by the religious parties in protest of the lack of beheadings or whatever for the people who died at Nishtar Park.

I think I am about to become the world's first Fundamentalist Atheist. Terrorist Atheist. Now that's a group that needs creating. They walk into coffee shops with books by Bertrand Russell and Karl Marx strapped to their chest. Meeting at Apathy Training Camps in Afghanistan.


Blogger the olive ream said...

A strangled route to your blog; two rights, a left and then finally a u-turn and came to a screeching halt. I am severely disappointed that I did not discover your blog before. Greatly chuffed to discover a fellow fan of Gervais and Larry David!

A ball-bouncingly funny blog...I shall peruse your wares more frequently and shall add your blog to my list of favourites.

Come by my blog some time and say hello. I am usually home..

8:58 PM  

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