Thursday, May 18, 2006


Quickly jotting these down so I don't forget them. At the office and not sure when I'll get home and I already lost a new bit because I didn't note it down and can't remember it anymore. Stuff I can work into longer stand-up bits
(skip this if you would rather hear these bits when they are fully worked out instead of ruining the future experience by reading them in their raw-notes form):


I am really whiny. Nothing makes me happy. Even if I go to Heaven I'll whine.
"Oh the river of milk isn't non-fat. And that virgin is too fat, that virgin is too thin..."

Why be offered virgins anyway? I don't even like virgins. Too whiny. Too needy of committmen. And they are generally shit in bed. I want to be offered skanks. Crazy messed up uber-sluts who welcome me to heaven in leather with candles and a gimp suit. And then we go off and pollute the river of honey.


I hate people who spell their names oddly. Why do parents do that? What to do they hope to achieve?

Xainab? What was wrong with Z?

Names that start off fine and then half way through go nuts. That's "Taimur" spelt with the symbol for Magnesium, squiggly line, ankh and squared to the power of Pi.



Blogger Khizzy said...

somewhere in this post(urging u along) is that quarter pounder i convinced you to have!

ur welcome!

1:25 PM  
Blogger Nabeel said...

be grateful my friend :)

11:42 PM  
Blogger the olive ream said...

This was unbelievably funny...!! you should be a stand-up comedian..oh! sorry you are, never mind.

This just really cracked me...

9:04 PM  

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