Thursday, October 05, 2006


Just got off the phone with the guys at LUMS who are organizing the show. Apparently 250 tickets were sold in two hours.

250. Two hours. Wow.

I touch down in Lahore at 5:30 Friday evening. Go meet my grandparents and then head over to LUMS by the 7. Show starts at 10:00 so that's ample time to check last minute stuff. Y'know, stuff like what the hell I'm going to be saying up there!

I have all my material printed out and ready. I just haven't memorized chunks of it well enough yet and still have to decide what order it all goes in. Kinda hoping my brain will suddenly become super-powered on the flight to Lahore and it will all be done in the hour and a half long flight.

God, if this goes badly I'll look like an idiot.

Do any other performers of any kind (music, theater, comedy...anything!) visit this blog? How do you relax prior to a show? My technique currently is vomiting violently in a corner for 3 minutes and then weeping manfully into my notes until they call me on stage.

I need something better.


Blogger Teeth Maestro said...

Its friday morning - and I am sure you are well over the show, how did you survive? were you pelted with flowers (or stones LOL) - im sure you must have been a rocking success.

Pre-show jitters well I cac assume you are in far greater stress as your timely delivery of jokes is paramount to making the show a success, that itself is a tremendous burden but by now it must be a walk in the park. You are a great comedian and accept it and exploit it and go into a show with that attitude then its going to be easy

As far as the jitters go, everyone has a different way of handling it, I am no big stage stooge but often speak at scientific meetings where crowds can range from 100 and onwards.

All I do is sit in a nervous wreak and as soon as I get up to speak I have seen myself move into a dazed dream but I am fully conscions, words flow and I am in full control. In this dazed dream I have no feelings or emotions hence am luckily on automatic.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous J said...

You are not one of those politicians who standup on the stage and promises the people, two maternity homes, one for the women and one for the MEN all to get more votes.. You are an Artist, people can't scare you so fear not :).

12:39 PM  

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