Monday, September 26, 2005

OPEN-MIC...*hak* *cough*...

Tonight is Saad's first OPEN-MIC show!

WHEN: 26th September, 8:00 p.m.

Last I heard he was sold-out so if you don't have tickets then...well too bad I guess.

I'm pretty psyched because I am doing 5 to 7 minutes of Stand-up in a non-Black Fish environment.
One tiny problem though - I have laryngitis.

No voice whatsoever.

Yesterday night I hosted Black Fish and it was pretty bad before the show. After one hour of hosting and yelling and all that it is goooone. I am talking in a barely audible whisper. It's a deep husky whisper which is kind of sexy but not much use for Stand-up. Hoping to be able to drink lots of tea and honey-milk concoctions before the show.

Not sure what to perform yet. Definetely doing the "G.T." bit because it's always been a hit (by "always" I am referring to the one time I have done it). It's strong and would do great with the audience that is coming. Not sure what else though. "G.T." is a small bit, barely two to three minutes. So that leave around 5 minutes of other stuff, and I need to try the new longer bits I've written. So trying to decide. Either the one about Pakistani Cops, Chivalry or some older stuff.

Lets see...


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