Saturday, September 10, 2005

So why do this?

It's a valid question. After all, one of my big problems with Stand-up is that everyone I meet claims they either know someone funny or are funny themselves and so can do it. And that is pretty much how I got thinking about doing Stand-up; people tell me I'm funny, I think I can provide a funny perspective on things and there is, within me, that arrogance and over-confidence that convinces me that I can pull it off. What if, despite my claims of studying the art and form I am simply deluding myself and the solo show will be a disaster?

Why do it?

Because I love Stand-up. Always have. It's that simple. I watched and studied it in college, I have been obsessed with it since I got back to Karachi, even Black Fish, for all the fun it allows me, doesn't match the sheer thrill of getting a good laugh from the audience when delivering a monologue. Maybe I've been lucky so far and I will fall on my ass and make a fool out of myself. Maybe not. I'd rather try and fail than not try at all. There aren't many risks in life that I can consider with that attitude, and the fact that Stand-up inspires such bold and irrational passion in me makes it worth trying.

Still scared shitless though.


Meanwhile, a light storm in Karachi leaves the city drenched and drowning. Katrina victims are probably sneering at us. Tomorrow the paper will read: RAIN LASHES CITY. 14 DEAD.
Everytime the weather changes here people die. Rain: 14 dead. Heat wave: 32 dead. Drizzle: 4 dead. It's gotten so that one day the paper will read: PERFECT WEATHER: HALF THE CITY GONE!

Okay, so that one might just never make it into the routine.


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