Thursday, October 27, 2005

Aaargh! and Yay!

So today was a bit bizarre. Interesting blend of disasterous and uplifting.

The good part was being called up by CNBC who wanted to interview both Saad Haroon and I about comedy in Pakistan and why we want to do Stand-Up in particular. Had a fun hour-long interview that turned into quite a philosophical discussion on the place of humour in society. Should be good when it finally airs.

The bad part was a hit on the wallet. Remember how I had planned on printing all the tickets and posters at my office? For free? I snuck into the office at 8:30 p.m. only to find that for the first time in 2 years, the magnificent office printer had crashed. This is a beast of a machine that produces high-quality full colour prints at rapid speed at the rate of around 150 to 200 prints a day. It is the backbone of the Creative Department at our Ad Agency. And the bastard crashed today of all days. And me with timetable that required the printing of 220 tickets and 20 A3 sized posters by Saturday. It will take a week to fix. I have been planning on having the tickets in place and the posters up all over by Saturday morning. That would give me the two weeks I need for hard core marketing and promotion. 220 seats need alot of bums to fill them.

The only alternative I had left was the printing shop near K.D.A. They could handle the volume and four colour printing on the kind of paper I wanted. Colours slightly duller but not that anyone would notice. Only catch: total cost Rs. 4000!

I can sacrifice on colour and and print the tickets for cheap. The posters can be the black & white photocopies that Black Fish posters are. But dammit I don't want to! This is my solo show. This is what I've been working towards for four months and am risking a shit load of respect and reputation and credibility on. I want to do this my way or no way at all. So I forked over the money. Get the tickets and posters tomorrow. They go live on Saturday and the emailing and web presence and sms-ing all begins thereafter. My profit margin keeps getting smaller and smaller. Was going to give the money away anyway, but still, I had hoped to make enough to donate and also finance a future show. Looks like it will just be the former and any future shows (if this one doesn't bomb) will be paid for the same way this one was, out of my pocket and alot to lose.

Just one more day and I will post details on tickets and everything. Promise.

Just no more screw-ups. Not a good thing to do to a superstitious performer.

Oh and my anxiety and fear are just getting worse.

I can do this...I can do this...I can do this...


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