Monday, October 03, 2005

Quick Notes...

Been unable to Blog the last few days because my blogger access isn't working from home. No clue why. Just refuses to submit new stuff to my blog.

Went an abysmal party a few days ago, some launch thing for a TV program which I couldn't get out of. Absolutely horrid. But on the bright side I got a good 5 minutes worth of material about bad parties while there. Got home at 3 a.m. and jotted it all down while bleary-eyed with sleep.

Since then, had ideas for a few more topics but haven't had the chance to flesh them out. Listed here so I don't forget them:


- Being rear-ended and made to feel guilty about it. Traffic accidents in general and the way people throng around them.

- Public bathrooms without Muslim Showers

- Boardgames (Risk, Scrabble, etc.)

- Smoking


That's it for now. The show is still set for the 13th of November. I'm quite nervous. Figured out a way to cut costs by just printing the posters at the office and getting the tickets done for cheap at the colour photo-copiers near my house.

The Open-Mic thing has apparently gotten some good buzz going for my solo show. Which is great since I need all the advertising I can get.

Stuck at the office as usual, but everything is made so much more bearable by the new Dane Cook stuff I've downloaded to my iPod. I love his style, so completely unique to him. Even his material is great, no one else could pull it off. Check out his website if you get a chance. Lots of free audio stuff there.


Blogger atrophying said...

didja know the loos in pc's rooms dont have muslim showers either?

6:51 AM  
Blogger Sami said...

I know the lahore PC has a bidet (sp?). The little fountain you lower your offending parts on to after doing your business.

My main gripe is with the places that have a lota which you notice after doing your business and are stuck because the sink is obviously outside the stall. Avari Towers has that. Worst bathrooms ever.

9:26 PM  

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