Sunday, October 09, 2005


I know this is a bog focused on comedy but I feel it's oka to switch gears right now.

First of all: All the information you could want on donating and volunteering can be found at METROBLOGGING KARACHI. Go there and find out how best for you to give.

I was at the PAF Relief Drive late into last night. Did alot of heavy lifting and sorting of medicines (the latter of which my incredible wife was a central figure in). If anyone is planning on going down there today, please try taking medical supplies with you. Lots of First-Aid and Antibiotics needed. Please no expired stuff (check the date before giving) and no opened bottles!

Therre are mountains of material. So much has been given, but not enough people to help sort it and box it and so on. They need help in organizing things and they need muscle to lift things. It is important.

Go now.


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