Monday, October 24, 2005

The "Aye's" have it...

Thanks to you guys who responded, some by comment-system and some by email. It helped alot in making my final decision. So I am going ahead with the show!

13th of November is getting close and I can't afford to waste much more time. Need to start memorizing the material, design the posters and tickets and start arranging for miscellaneous stuff. Doing this all myself so it's a bit of work when you are already juggling a day-job and a hectic family life.

Been deciding on a name for the show. I liked BRING THE FUNNY but it's too similar to Chris Rock's "Bring the Pain" and I want to avoid any chances of being called a plagiarist, especially since there is almost no quality original material being presented in Pakistan right now. Also, "Bring the Funny" sounds too much like the name for a comedy competition or challenge. Which this isn't.

Another name option was 'CAUSE IT'S TRUE. From the cliche "It's funny because it's true". But that doesn't have enough...zing to it. If you will.

Last night I thought of NOBODY MOVES, NOBODY GETS HURT. I know it's a bit longish but I quite like it. Especially it kinda connects to some of the themes in my material. And one of the typographic tricks I can play with the poster-design is that I can superimpose an "L" onto the "M" in "Moves". Get it? Cheesy but quirky-funny. I like that.

Had a bunch of ideas for poster design and couldn't decide between them. Typographic? Cartoony illustration? Photographic? Or Realistic Vector Art. Finally decided to do all four. Four posters, all radically different from each other. Each placed at locations that match the design and theme. Which then gives me the option of printing up four types of tickets. Which should be fun. Buy a whole set and get free joke. Trading cards of the future. Or maybe just kinda sorta fun to see.

All of this is ofcourse made possible by the fact that I am able to print the posters and tickets for free at work (as long as I am staying late and my boss isn't reading this blog).

So it looks like it is settled. I won't be posting actual material here now until after the show as I don't want to give away stuff thus boring people at the show. Updates about time and venue details and ticket availability will come soon.

Will need help with guerrilla marketing! Any help at all would be appreciated. That means spreading the word, if you know of any venues where you can put up posters. If you have mailing lists or oft-frequented websites you can mention this on. Will be assembling a web and print press/marketing kit in the next few days. Drop me a line here or at if you want to be involved.

Thanks guys. I mean it.


Blogger Abbas Halai said...

sure. throw a jpg/png my way. will post it up.

12:57 PM  
Blogger atrophying said...

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11:04 PM  

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