Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Busy busy busy...

I am so damned tense my neck muscles (yes I have muscles ha ha) feel like concrete. Not much time left before the show.

Last night I dreamed I was backstage getting ready to perform and someone from my day-job suddenly turns up and tells me there is a packaging design change needed on Knorr and so I leave the auditorium and start rushing to work. I refuse to read into this.

Poster is done. Not completely happy with it but it'll have to do. Tickets are designed, printing them out between today and tomorrow and then will drop them off. Currently thinking of printing 220 tickets, keeping 50 at Agha's, 50 at Costa Coffee, 50 at Roasters and the rest with me for selling at the gate and such.

Will start emailing the banner ads to people who have contacted me (thanks everyone by the way!) as soon as the tickets have been dropped. After that mass email to as many mailing lists as I can plus SMS-ing everyone on my phone list as well as asking friends and family to do same. Paid the Rs. 13,000 deposit to P.A.C.C. today. God I hope I can sell enough tickets to cover costs.

Sat down and read through all the material and timed it at around 45 minutes. That is without any pauses for laughter. Will add another ten to fifteen minutes just in case. No more socializing or going out for dinner and all that. Two weeks of sitting at home and writing and memorizing. Crunch time.

Saad is having another Open-Mic night on the 8th of November. The last one was a huge success and I think he can start making this a monthly feature. I'll be doing 5 to 7 minutes of material there, mix of old and new. Should be a good way to help get the word out and such. Will post details as they come.

Okay. Timelines and goals sorted. Now I just need to remember to breath.

God I hope I don't fuck this up....


Blogger atrophying said...

what a weird dream. and why knorr? khair. congrats on the booking and all, and yes, you'll be able to sell enough tickets, i can think of 15 people right now who'd love to go.

so when can we buy em? :D

2:11 AM  

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