Wednesday, November 16, 2005


God I feel so much more relaxed. Don't need to lock myself into my room and rehearse anymore. My wife is grateful.

Am currently sitting at the office, waiting for a meeting. Office is located in the top floor of the ABN AMRO building (the glass structure next to Marriot). Below us 500 ABN employees are dressed in identical black t-shirts, crowded together until all that is visible from above are the bald people. They are listening in rapt attention to their CEO screaming motivational generalities into a micrphone in piss-poor english. And every time he tells them they are what makes this company great they cheer as if it is the single most awe-inspiring thing they have ever heard.

"YEAAHHH!" *applause*

Please God, give me the strength not to go and piss over the railing. I hate office culture.


So general feedback from the show seems to be that majority loved the performance. Some critics here and there, mostly people who expected more Chris Rock-style stand up and were irritated that they got Seinfeld-esque stuff instead. Not that I am comparing myself to Seinfeld know what I mean.

Next up is BLACK FISH this Sunday. And then I attend Saad and David's joint show this Monday. Am really really looking forward to that. Both are fantastic comics with wildly different styles and content.

DVD should be ready by the time the weekend ends. Can't wait to watch it.

The idiotic CEO/Motivational Speaker just finished his monologue with "You are not ABN AMRO. ABN AMRO is you!" Que thunderous applause from the mindless drones below.

My fave joke from back in the day:

Q. What's the collective noun for Bankers?
Ans. A wunch of bankers.

Chew on it for a while.

Damn. Should have pissed when I had the chance.


Blogger atrophying said...

why not use some playground tactics and use them as spit targets?

and a wunch of bankers, bahahahaha.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Walrus said...

I don't know whether my praise counts as anything cause yours was the second stand-up comedy show i've ever seen but nevertheless...i had a great time last sunday. are you going to upload your show on the net so that we can download it?

12:33 AM  

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