Wednesday, November 08, 2006


So it was either switch to another blogging format or put my fist through the screen. The former is cheaper.



Update your links to Just testing this out but I love the templates available and the usability is alot more customizable.

Here's to V.2.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Okay, I am really flattered by the number of emails I got complaining about lack of updates. Seriously. I had no clue so many people read this blog and I think it kinda gave me stage-fright a bit.

A bunch of reasons for the lack of updates. I am not just slacking off, nor have I lost interest in blogging.

Basically I did three things that got in the way:

1) Started the new job. Lots of working late and working hard. The news doesn't just make itself dammit!

2) Discovered an inability to say "no" to anything that's offered to me. Right now I am working on, other than the day job, a series of articles for a tech magazine, Black Fish comedy festival promotional material, a freelance graphic design gig, new stand-up comedy material and a theatrical production on Aids for December. More on the last in a bit.

3) Switched to Blogger 2.0. Saw it available, got all excited and decided it was the new cutting-edge thing to be a part of and then after switching over, discovered I can't access the blog at home. So blogging hours are now limited to 9-5.

How I will make it up to you:

a) Audio and video files from the LUMS show I did a while back, coming up soon.

b) New material posted here in the next few days.

c) Details about a blitzkreig (I love that word!) tour featuring me, Saad and Danish. Three comedians, three cities, three days. End of November.

Keep coming back. I will try to start doing this better. Need to make time for it because it's worth it.

(see how well organized the whole post was? That's training from my new job paying off! How's that for value add. Funny and neatly organized!)